Our Service Offering

We understand that life is busy, we are here to take the investment side of things off your hands.

By following the below table we can guide you in the right direction concerning the products that are best suited to your needs, investor profile, and financial goals.

We at Value Investment Partners believe investing should be easy and stress-free, as a result, we endeavour to be transparent and clear every step of the way.

Our Investment Options

VIP High Growth Multi-Asset Very High 7 Years $250,000 0.80% n/a
VIP Growth Multi-Asset High 7 Years $250,000 0.80% 0.45%
VIP Balanced Multi-Asset Moderate 5 Years $250,000 0.80% 0.60%
VIP Conservative Multi-Asset Moderate 5 Years $250,000 0.80% 0.65%
VIP Diversified eXplore Multi-Asset EFT High 7 Years $25,000 0.30% n/a
VIP Australian Share Leaders Australian Equities High 7 Years $100,000 0.80% n/a
VIP Diversified Ethical Multi-Asset High 7 Years $250,000 1.20% 0.77%
VIP Climate Sustainability Australian Equities Very High 7 Years $100,000 1.20% 0.90%
VIP Significant Investor Visa Multi-Asset High 5 Years $3,000,000 1.50% n/a
VIP SIV Growth Multi-Asset High 5 Years $1,250,000 1.50% n/a
VIP SIV Emerging Companies Australian Equities Very High 5 Years $750,000 1.50% n/a

Traditional Models
Comprising our flagship multi-asset products our Traditional Models utilise the investment philosophies and processes Value Investment Partners has cultivated over its 10-year history. Prioritising capital protection and volatility reduction these models offer one-product solutions to your investment needs diversified across a range of listed asset classes.
ESG Model
Building on our proven investment methodology for our clients’ wealth over the last 10 years we have extended that capability to a model portfolio that includes the screening of non-financial metrics for underlying investments in environmental, social, and governance concerns. Reducing volatility and smoothing out long-run returns while investing in businesses that better align with the investor’s personal values.
Climate Model
With many of us concerned about the impact of climate change and environmental degradation on the world we have designed a product that can invest across the entire Australian stock exchange in businesses that are contributing to addressing that threat to our current way of life.
Immigration Models
We have a suite of investment options that cover individual segments to an all-encompassing investment product that satisfies all requirements of the Investor and Significant Investor Stream compliant investment for investment visas to Australia.

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