Our Philosophy


Not only do we believe that the companies we invest in should be transparent to the best of their ability so are we with our clients who have almost unrestricted access to all data and team members.​


We believe to be a successful portfolio manager you must be flexible and adaptive to new environments to best service clients while also giving clients discretion to create portfolios tailored to their needs.

Consistent Returns

We don’t want to get great returns for one or two years and then accept sub-par performance, we strive to have consistent outperfromance every year smoothing your returns and reducing volatility

Optimal Portfolio

We strive to build optimal portfolios within each risk profile category to best position client capital in all market environments, actively managing exposures to maximise returns throughout the cycle.

Our Investment Process

Investable Universe

Depending on the mandates of the specific portfolio, the team complies all authorised investments.

Quantitative Screening

Using our tailored quantitative models, our analysts identify assets that meet specific financial and market criteria.

Qualitative Analysis

Our team analyses company reports, external consultant material, and research papers to identify strong company management, lasting competitive advantages and innovations, and assessments of potential benefits from macroeconomic trends and developments.

Risk Test

Analysts using risk models test the diversification levels of potential portfolio constructions to ensure that client risk parameters are met and that an acceptable risk/reward trade-off is achieved.


The resultant portfolio is formed to provide excess return and controlled risk exposure for investors of Value Invesment Partners.

"Value Investment Partner’s philosophy born out of the GFC is a prioritisation on capital preservation and consistent growth through active management"

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