Climate Model

Our Climate Model

After 10 years of management of client wealth within our traditional models, we believed the investment philosophy and strategy refined over the decade of these models could be adapted to an investment product that invests in businesses that are directly or indirectly assisting in the transition to a green economy. This product uses negative screening on the environment, social, and governance (ESG) metrics with more weight to the environment to identify businesses that either have products that are assisting the transition to the green economy and mitigation of climate change or are supporting those industries. This investment allows you to invest your money aligned with your personal beliefs on the issue of climate change, actively investing in businesses that will be essential to the economy’s future in a low-carbon emitting world.

The Investment Process

500 Companies
Idea Generation

Thematic research and macroeconomic forecasting.

~200 Companies
Sustainalytics Research

Environment metric screening and proprietary ESG research

~80 Companies
Quantitative Analysis

Modeling metrics, risk forecasts & valuation

20-40 Companies
Qualitative Analysis

Company research and due diligence

20-40 Companies
Portfolio Construction

Portfolio diversification, company size and sector tilts

Monitoring Investments

Tracking investment's commitment to environmental sustainability

Our Climate Product

VIP Climate Sustainability Portfolio
The portfolio is designed for people who wish to have their wealth invested in companies that are aware and acting on their responsibility to participate in ensuring that the effects of climate change are reduced, ensuring a sustainable future for the wider Australian and international community.
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