Our Philosophy


Not only do we believe that the companies we invest in should be transparent to the best of their ability so are we with our clients who have almost unrestricted access to all data and team members.​


We believe to be a successful portfolio manager you must be flexible and adaptive to new environments to best service clients while also giving clients discretion to create portfolios tailored to their needs.

Consistent Returns

We don’t want to get great returns for one or two years and then accept sub-par performance, we strive to have consistent outperfromance every year smoothing your returns and reducing volatility

Optimal Portfolio

We strive to build optimal portfolios within each risk profile category to best position client capital in all market environments, actively managing exposures to maximise returns throughout the cycle.

"Value Investment Partners philosophy has evolved post the Global Financial Crisis to that of a Group with an absolute commitment to an active management style of investing"

Many fund managers are closely aligned to the index and thus achieve index returns whilst charging active fees. While VIP is Index aware, we are willing and able to significantly deviate from Index should we believe it is in the best interest of investors to do so. Our key point of difference relative to many industry participants is our ability to become more defensive in portfolios should we believe market conditions warrant.

Our experience with clients has shown us that investors are not only seeking sound risk adjusted returns over the longer term, they are also looking for a manager with the ability and willingness to significantly reduce market exposure should a manager believe there is an elevated risk of downside in markets due to factors that may include extreme valuations or unfavourable economic conditions.

Our belief has reinforced our investment philosophy of delivering Excess Risk-Adjusted Returns by undertaking an active approach of investment within undervalued assets with a focus on wealth preservation and risk reduction. Our objective of delivering Excess Risk-Adjusted Returns and wealth preservation is achieved via a tactical asset allocation approach that many of our peers are unable to employ due to mandate constraints.

Our  approach begins with a strategic allocation to asset classes based on an investors risk tolerance. Asset allocation is constantly reviewed from a risk perspective.Based on various inputs ranging from asset specific factors to overarching macroeconomic factors. Should we view valuations as being unfavourable, we are willing to significantly reduce exposures in order to any of the asset classes.

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